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149,00 €

Made in Italy A vintage looking woven leather bag, in tote line. Shoulder straps and removable crossobody strap. A beautiful finely woven leather bag, with vintage finishing. The colour changes from bag to bag, as it is hand crafted. A unique piece from Italy Hand made in Italy, lavorazione artigiana ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

99,00 €

Made in Italy Available in many nice colours for the spring. Woven leather bag, with hand strap and shoulder strap. It is closed with zipper. The leather is woven only on the front side. Made in Italy ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

139,00 €

High quality leather bag Hand crafted in Italy. In several beautiful colour, the leather is vintage painted with a particular procedure. The style is very practical with slouch construction. A shoulder bag to simply must have! Made in Italy, lavorazione artigiana ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

189,00 €

Vintage looking bag Genuine vintage leather bag, made in Italy. With wonderful colours in fashion for the spring 2022, it has a unique appearance thanks to the vintage craftmanship. With a leather shoulder strap, it is closed with a zipper. The bag is slouch, and it has squared pattern of cut leather. Made in Italy, Lavorazione artigiana ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

105,00 €

Quality leather craft from Italy Women's leather bag made with woven leather (only the front part). The bag is made in Italy with a great quality/price ratio. Nice particular style for woven leather lovers. Closed with double zipper, it is to carry by shoulder.  Made in Italy, lavorazione artigiana ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

119,00 €

Italian style and quality Vintage leather bag, with shoulder strap. Slouch construction, it has a woven leather flap. It is closed with zipper. A beautiful bag in small pochette size, for everyday routine. Available in several colours  Made in Italy, lavorazione artigiana

109,00 €

Italian handcrafted leather handbag Genuine leather, original Italian style. Woven leather in vintage style, with washed colours, beautiful stylish and brilliant. Closed with zipper. It has two straps, shoulder and crossbody. Made in Italy Available only online

105,00 €

Handbag from Italy, Hand made in Italy. In genuine leather, nicely and tightly woven. It is elegant and casual at the same time, available in several colour. Also the handle is woven. The bag is closed with zipper, and the flap is closed with metallic button. Very nice and practical. The bag for everyday life! Hand made in Italy, lavorazione artigiana...

135,00 €

Vintage style woven leather bag A beautiful shoulder bag, made in Italy. Woven leather bag, with shoulder handles and a removable and adjustable crossbody strap. It is made in genuine leather, vintage style. The colour is faded and given with a special hand crafting technique. The bag is woven on front. Closed with zipper, it is a practical and charming...

145,00 €

Vintage woven leather, casual style bag A top element of Made in Italy, Italian woven leather bags are a highly prized fashion accessory. Handbag and shoulder strap, with central zip, tightly woven. Available in different colours, applied with the garment dyed technique, for a remarkable vintage effect Made in Italy, lavorazione artigiana Online Exclusive

149,00 €

Backpack hancrafted in Italy Made in woven genuine leather - a universal fashion vintage style. With practicality and a touch of peculiarity you can enrich your clothing with this bag in genuine Italian leather, with fine woven elements.Made in Italy

159,00 €

Handbag from Italy A fine handbag in our selction of vintage leather bags. Real full grain leather, with vintage colour. The more you use you bag, the more beautiful it will be. Available in 3 colours: choose yours.

65,00 €

Wallet in genuine vintage woven leather Quality, style and practicality for a vintage style wallet, completely made in Italy. In genuine leather, woven and dyed for a vintage color effect, unique for each piece. Great gift idea or for a fancy purchase. Made in Italy, Mercury leather goods

155,00 €

Vintage style A superb bucket bag in vintage style. With woven leather on front, the bag is made exclusively with genuine leather, with vintage treatment: the dye is given by hand so that overy bag has unique shades. Shoulder bucket bag, made in Italy.

89,00 €

Made in Italy, hand crafted Genuine leather shoulder bag, closed with zipper. Little flap with buckle. In genuine leather, vintage and woven. Nice quality and Italian style. Shoulder - crossbody strap. The bag is in woven leather. Made in Italy, lavorazione artigiana ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

85,00 €

Woven leather crossbody bag in mini size A very small but stylish accessory. The mini shoulder bag is offered here in a woven leather version, and hand dyed, for a unique color and vintage style. So, each mini bag has unique color shades. Of course, they are made of genuine leather and made in Italy

145,00 €

Made in Italy Nice and trendy style shoulder leather bag for women, made in Italy. Very soft leather, closed with zipper. The bag is medium size and it is made in Italy. Vintage style, Made in Italy ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

145,00 €

Italian fashion Tan leather woven leather bag Italy fashion. Genuine leather, closed with zip and very prctical and stylish. Shoulder bag, medium size. Completely made in Italy. ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

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