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A new and respectful idea of ​​footwear

Asportuguesas offers quality, sustainable and eco-friendly shoes. The shoes are made with 100% natural raw materials or totally recycled.

100% natural materials are used by recreating nature, according to a bio and eco-compatible cycle.

Shoes inspired by nature and harmony, with a unique choice of natural and recycled materials for a commitment to respect our planet!

The principles of ASPORTUGUESAS shoes for a sustainable future:

  1. Eco-sustainable materials

  2. Manual extraction

  3. No trees cut down

  4. No negative Carbon footprint

  5. Localized economy

  6. Green communication

Be green, wear Asportuguesas!

79,00 €

Sustainable fashion Particular trainers in stretchy canvas, made with sustainable or recycled materials. Slip on, the shoes are very comfortable and trendy. Love your planet, buy sustainable. Asportuguesas shoes for men, spring 2022

79,00 €

Women shoes summer 2022 Asportuguesas shoes for women, Care line: shoes made of recycled or 100% materials, for a low environmental impact. Ecological shoes are the new trend, without sacrificing quality or style and in addition being environmentally responsible. Asportuguesas shoes, spring summer 2022

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