Birkenstock shoes and sandals

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Birkenstock shoes and sandals. Answers to your questions

It is at least 20 years that Valentina shoe store in Florence is an authorized dealer of Birkenstock, the famous German sandals still produced in Germany today. You can find in our shop a wide range of sandals for men and women, as well as winter shoes. We also occasionally have discounted Birkenstock offers.
We therefore know the product very well and the questions of our customers.
We here answer the most frequently asked questions on Birkenstocks.

  1. BIRKENSTOCKS, HOW THEY FIT: They tend to have a generous fit, so to choose the right size you have to think that if you have a size 40/41 for example, 40 is generally sufficient. To be precise, however, just look at the insole of Birkenstock sandals, there is a number that corresponds to the measurement of the foot in centimeters. You just have to know the length of your foot, calculate a margin of a few millimeters in front and back and you have your Birkenstock size. Here in the photo on the right you can see that under the "39" of the size there is a 250, it is 25 centimeters. So this is the correct size for people with a foot of 25 centimeters or a little less.
  2. BIRKENSTOCK WHICH MODEL TO CHOOSE: The choice is always subjective and according to personal taste, as well as based on comfort and on the use we intend the shoes to. For example, to walk a lot, a double strap (arizona model) is generally preferable to a single strap (madrid model), and the model with the strap at the ankle is usually even more comfortable, because it keeps the sandal more firm to the foot (also for driving, for example, it is more comfortable).
    If we want to choose on the shape of the foot, we noticed in the store that a wide foot tends to choose the flip-flop (gizeh and mayari models), while the narrower foot prefer arizona and madrid models. This only a general observation, of course many factors can itervene in the choice. For example if there are any problems such as hallux valgus or very pronounced instep, then it is preferable to try different models. The decision is if it is better to keep the critical point free perhaps with a flip-flop or if it is better to try to cover it or protect it with a double band. The Kumba model, for example, is often chosen exactly because it embraces the hallux valgus, containing and protecting it.
  3. BIRKENSTOCKS ARE THEY COMFORTABLE: The comfort of the Birkenstocks is legendary. At first, when they are new, you may have the sensation of slight stiffness in the shoe, which then turns into extreme flexibility and absolute comfort after about 4-5 days of walking. The arch support in cork and the metatarsal bar also in cork take the shape of the foot. This is the Birkenstock secret: an anatomical insole that takes the shape of the foot. There are also some Birkenstocks that have the option of a padded anatomic footbed, for a greater comfort.
  4. HOW TO RECOGNIZE ORIGINAL BIRKENSTOCKS: the recommendation is to go to your local dealer or an authorized Birkenstock dealer.
    Valentina shoe store in Florence is an authorized Birkenstock dealer for at least 20 years.
    In our store you will only find original Birkenstocks.
  5. BIRKENSTOCKS, HOW TO WASH THEM: Birkenstocks sandals are usually worn barefoot, so we recommend a damp sponge with a little Marseille soap, all natural elements that do not irritate the skin. This operation is mostly to sanitize the sandal rather than to return to the original color. As they are made with natural cork insoles, which absorb sweat, it is inevitable that over time the colour darkens. On the other hand, for the “above” part, ie the upper, a neutral wax is fine if they are in leather.
  6. THE BIRKENSTOCKS ARE UGLY: All the detractors of Birkenstocks resign themselves. Now the German giant is working assiduously to make them more fashionable shoes. In particular, the Birkenstock Arizona model is very popular, the double strap  model, the same worn by actress Frances McDormand at the Oscars ceremony.
    Birkenstocks now, especially sandals, are much more popular and in a casual fashion context they are increasingly popular. you just need to wear them with in right combination with clothing.
    Who's wearing the Birkenstocks today? Those who want to be comfortable and love to have a casual look.
    They are also accepted as footwear for work, in informal contexts.