Do leather shoes stretch?

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Can leather shoes be stretched?

Short answer: yes, leather shoes always stretch, in width.
Key feature to stretch leather is leather and warmth.
Read our tips.

Around the web there are many tips on how to stretch your leather shoes. In our 40 years experience dealing with this let us lay it simple for you.

  1. Walk in them. Leather is a natural material and it will stretch around your foot, taking how to stretch shoesits shape. You can see proof of that just by looking at some old leather shoes you have worn out, they have now the shape of your foot. Please remember to cream the shoes with polish cream, to maintain the leather moisturized.

  2. Specific Machine. The best option is to carry your leather shoes to a shoe repair, especially if they are expensive or very special to you. Any shoe repair has a special machine, like we have in our store also, that warms the shoes and uses special irons to stretch them. It is done in little time.

  3. Do it yourself. Be careful: leather can crack. Please do not use ice, always use warm tools. The best tools are your feet. Put thick socks, or many socks and walk in them. In addition you can use hairdryer (not too close) to warm the shoes and walk around in them. We do not recommend any alcohol use, as it dries the leather causing cracks.

  4. Use polish cream. In our store you can find the best shoe polish cream, by Collonil. You can do it also with any moisturizing cream, the best are the facial ones. After all, lether is just a skin, like ours.

So, to sum it up, if shoes are made with genuine leather, the answer is of course, yes, they stretch. Leather is a natural material that with time and use gets the shape of the foot.
If you think about a pair of worn shoes, you can immediately see how the leather has stretched and taken the shape of the foot. Not only, it has also creases that indicate the way you bend your shoes when you walk.

Leather stretches with warmth, please do not stretch them with ice or with cold temperature. And leather needs to be moisturized, not dry, to be elastic, soft and t stretch. Do it with facial moisturizing cream or with polish cream.

If you have any further questions please ask us.