Fashion comfort shoes

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Comfort shoes can also be beautiful and elegant: never give up on comfort!

All the shoes in our store are carefully selected, keeping in mind the comfort, the price and the quality of the shoes.

Wrong shoes don't exist. And the perfect shoes don't axist either. We must always consider our specific needs.

A comfortable shoe is obviously made with quality materials and natural leathers. Then the comfort can be given by a support to the arch of the foot, or by a raised back, or again by the anatomical shape of the shoe or even simply by the presence of a removable insole that allows you to insert your own.

Still, the comfort of the shoes can be given by a soft memory foam insole, as is the case of the famous Skechers, which however is not good for those who have heel problems and need a more firm support, or that have flat foots.

Comfortable shoes are also shoes that are light in weight and flexible. Foot weight is very important to avoid leg fatigue. The flexibility of the soles helps a natural walking stride.

There are therefore many, many variables in making a shoe comfortable.

Comfortable shoes for woman

For the summer season, our most comfortable and soft sandals are definitely those by Benvado shoe brand, in addition to the very famous Birkenstocks. The Benvado sandals for example are women's sandals with very soft suede leather. They also have asymmetrical anatomical footbed, which respects the natural asymmetry of the feet. These sandals also have very often a few centimeters high back. With just 3 centimeters of heel rise you can unload a lot of body weight on the upper part of the foot, effectively easying the weight off the heel, for a greater comfort.

Still for the summer season, as regarding laced shoes, there are the Legero brand shoes, a company tightly linked to Benvado, which supplies low sporty shoes, with removable insole. These shoes are available in soft classic leather or suede leather, which is even softer. For example, people suffering from hallux valgus must simply check that there are no seams in the delicate and sensitive point of the foot.

As it comes to fall/winter season, we'd like to suggest our collection of Brako and Jose Saenz shoe brands. These shoes have a generous, non-narrow shape, but mostly they have a removable soft insole. While the support is still given by the shape of the shoe, the internal insole helps to cushion the weight, but also offers the advantage of being able to insert your own orthopedic footbed, without sacrificing style. These brands in fact produce fashionable shoes, absolutely in trend, and also with heels.

Another point that can make a shoe comfortable is the presence of Gore-Tex, a waterproof material that helps to have warm and dry feet even in winter. In Valentina shoe store you will find many different kind of footwear that have these characteristics.

Comfortable shoes for man

Regarding shoes for men, all that was said before is valid also. We would like to add to it our classic elegant shoes for men, by Mercanti Fiorentini brand. These are first-rate leather shoes, and very soft (except for the shoes with brushed leather), but above all these dress shoes are equipped with a double insole, one of which is removable. This gives the possibility to use a single sole if you want to have a half size more space, as it can happen in case of swollen feet. The shape pf the shoes is anatomical and elegant, so as to have comfortable shoes even on formal occasions.