Felmini shoes

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Felmini: a great shoe company, a fashion butterfly that works with passion, as the motto "Felmini - Falling in Love"

Are you looking for a place where to buy Felmini boots? Then read this.

It is more than 15 years that we discovered this wonderful brand and brought it in our shoe store Valentina in Florence . We were the first to bring Felmini into this beautiful city.

Felmini ShoesFelmini is a Portuguese company founded in 1973, and since then it has created a fresh, young and transversal fashion.
The characteristic of Felmini shoe company is to hand paint the leather  with a dip-dye technique to offer unique and brilliant colors.
You can recognize Felmini shoes by the little butterfly embossed on the back, a graceful and gritty logo. To be sure to shop original Felmini shoes you must purchase them in authorized dealers, as Valentina shoe store in Florence.

It is now 15 years that in our shop you find both the continuous and the seasonal line of Felmini footwear (shop here). This is why our store is the best place where to buy Felmini boots: because it is more than 15 years that we collaborate with the brand, and we even had some models tailored especially for us.

Have a look to the classic line, ie those that have now become classic Felmini boots, is composed of the following items:

Felmini Boot 68176817, "the fireman". High boot in hand-colored leather, available in black, dark brown and tan leather. High boot below the knee, characterized by vintage Felmini leather. Without zipper, it is a pull-on boot. The sole is in rubber, in the characteristic Vintage Felmini style.

Felmini Boots pointed 63146314, "the pointed top": these are the boots with which Felmini became famous in Florence.
Soft and slouch boots, with the leg slightly askew, but above all with the unmistakable pointed shape of the foot.
Just sketched heel and thin rubber sole.
This boots are available in our shop in black, cuero tan leather and castanho brown.

7296 "the rounded top": it is the same bootFelmini Boot Round 7296 identical to 6314, with the only difference of the rounded top.
It is the ideal boot for those who like the round shape on slouch boots.
Also this model, like the 6314, has the leg askew, higher on the front and lower on the back, which makes it very dynamic.
This soft boot is available in black, castanho brown, cuero tan leather colors.

Felmini Low Boots 7293 / A338A338 (ex 7293) the "pinocchietto".
Ankle boot with a modern, sparkling style. This is one of the best-selling Felmini boots.
It is an ankle boot, very soft, with a shape that wraps the foot like a glove.
It is basically the same boot as 7296, only with the leg cut just above the ankle.
Felmini has created it as a simple pull-on boot.
Our experience with our customers has taught us that this boot is not easy to slip on as it is, so we have asked and obtained exclusively for us a different version, with a side zipper applied to allow a perfect and comfortable fit.
So we are the only ones where to find the modified 7293 with zip on side (item A338).
In Valentina shoe store this ankle boot is available in black, cuero tan leather, castanho brown, dark brown, and red color. Are you stille wondering where to buy these wonderful Felmini ankle boots? Come on, you have landed exactly in the right place!

A particularity: many paeople ask us if the black color of the Felmini boots is not actually gray.
The answer is simple. As the boots are hand painted with vintage techniques, they result in a slightly smoky black, which gives beautiful nuances, and may be often mistaken for a very dark grey.
Moreover, the fact that they are painted by hand means that each pair of boot is unique: there are differences in color between one pair and another. Sometimes a brown boot come out to be be lighter or darker than expected.

It's the beauty of craftsmanship and true colors!
We fell in love with Felmini: and you?