Gore-Tex shoes

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What is Gore-Tex and what are Gore-Tex shoes

"I'm looking for Gore-tex brand shoes"gore-tex shoes
"This is not leather, it's Gore-tex, isn't it?"
These are some of the questions our customers ask  when they come into our Valentina shoe store in Florence.

Let's start by saying that Gore-Tex is not shoe brandGore-Tex is a technical membrane with wonderful waterproof and breathable properties. By this we mean that it is not a material the shoes are made of, but rather it is something that is inserted inside the shoes.
Therefore, shoes with Go re-Tex are still leather, suede, and fabric shoes, which also have a Gore-Tex lining.

You cannot see Gore-Tex in shoes.

Where is it? The Gore-Tex is basically a membrane that is inserted between the inner lining of the shoes and the outer part.

What is it for? The Gore-Tex is used to make shoes waterproof and breathable.

In fact, many people associate Gore-Tex with trekking, outdoor sports, especially in the mountains.
Actually, this was the first use of Gore-Tex: a membrane that could be inserted into fabrics to make waterproof clothing, that was light and comfortable to wear.

Inserting the Gore-Tex membrane in your shoes can avoid having to use the fur lining: this invisible and lightweight material is sufficient to guarantee warm and waterproof shoes.

So, Gore-Tex is not something that shoes are made of, but it is rather something that gets inserted into shoes. Into the shoe lining, actually.
So the shoes that have a Gore-Tex lining are shoes resistant to water, rain and keep your feet always warm. Also, they are very warm shoes, perfect for the winter season.

The Gore-tex also allows breathability, so the foot does not sweat.

If you need walking shoes that are water resistant and are absolutely warm and dry, look for our Gore-Tex shoes at our store.

Find here our selection of shoes with Gore-tex.