How to clean Skechers shoes

How to clean skechers shoes

First of all you have to check  the material they are made of.

Let's start with the non-leather Skechers, so like the Bobs Squad Skechers and in general many of the summer Skechers that are not in leather but in fabric.

How to clean fabric Skechers shoes
Fabric Skechers can be washed with soap and water by hand or in the washing machine.

In both cases, the important thing is that the water is cold, that the shoes are not put in the dryer and, in case of using the washing machine, that you do not use the spin program, or, at the most, do the lowest spin you have (type 400). The washing program to use in the case of a washing machine is the hand wash program. If, on the other hand, they are hand-washed, it can be done in a basin with cold water and soap, using a shoe brush. Scrubbing the brush removes the dirt. Just rinse and that's it.
To dry the shoes, do not put Skechers shoes in the dryer and do not put them to dry directly in the sun. They must be in indirect light.
Some tips: better remove the laces before washing them, the laces can be washed together or separately.

How to clean leather skechers

In case of Skechers with leather parts, it is always good to put a protective spray before wearing them and before they are dirty.

To wash leather Skechers you need to use products specific for leather, taking care that you use product for the same kind of leather they are made of. Nubuck, suede and calf are different kind of leather, that require different kind of cleaning products. If it is nubuck leather products for nubuck, if it is suede products for suede and so on.

In case of Skechers with lights do not wash them in the washing machine, but only with a soft damp cloth and soap. Do not immerse them in water.

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