Shoes Whisper

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Shoes whisper about us

Clothes and shoes are our identity.

I have the great luck of working in Valentina Calzature shoe store in the center of Florence, or in the historic center of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Every morning I walk my 10,000 steps going to work and this has me pass by such wonders like Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Signoria, the Duomo, and so forth.

I often walk absent-mindedly, absorbed in my thoughts. Today I walked looking at my feet, looking at my nice blue shoes, so comfortable and of which ILace ups shoes like so much the noise they make on the stone, and by the way who knows which noise made the shoes of Lorenzo the Magnificent that walked in these same streets, and who knows which kind of shoes he had back then, and in which kind of leather they would be, how many shoes did he have, and then would people have been comfortable in the shoes they had? and okay, in short, I thought of shoe fashion.

In particular, I thought that fashion in the past might be more linked to the real needs of people, while today we can indulge ourselves. But is this completely true? Maybe I'll explore this particular topic on another article. Let's not go astray.

The fashion of clothes and shoes, intended as style, is something that necessarily represents us, because we have it on our bodies and it is like a second skin. Even those people who say they do not care about "fashion" and therefore wear "non-trendy" clothes, express exactly this, that they have other interests. For example, with my blue shoes, I definitely express my love for comfort without giving up handmade shoes.

Inevitably, what we wear expresses a part of us.

Clothing and shoes are essential in terms of functionality and protection, but they are equally important as a vehicle for self expression. One of the laws of communication is that it is impossible to not communicate, so it is impossible that our shoes, as part of our expression, do not communicate. It is impossible that our shoes do not represent us and do not talk about us. So be careful with what you wear! Look at your feet now and ask yourself why these shoes today ?, and try to imagine yourself with other shoes, of a completely different kind: how do you feel?

Clothing speaks volumes of us and gives to others some elements for a first classification of our group identity/ social identity / social function: clothing and footwear that distinguish Westerners and Orientals, as an example. Or just this morning I saw a group of Harley Davidson bikers in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, recognizable by their clothing: leather jackets, boots or ankle boots and jeans, with the typical Harley Davidson lettering.

So: clothing as belonging to a specific group. Every morning in via della Vigna Nuova I see a beautiful girl pass dressed as a model on the cover of Marie Claire, I wonder what is her job. Her clothing speakes to me about fashion, high society, beauty, internationality.

Communication can also be directed toward ourselves: another function of shoes and clothing can one of inducer of moods. They can help us feel in a certain way.

For example, in the post "life changes on heels", there are many ideas related to self-esteem and footwear.

Precisely, the lady of the articole told me: “The heels are not tied to my self-esteem, which I cultivate from flats like I was on stilts forever.Shoes , heels and self esteem
Of the heels I can say that they develop the power of the feminine, and when one feels it, you can have also the power of grace, of softness ...
The wants asks to be accompanied by a straight back and an undulating slide. You should feel like playing, softening, letting go, slowing down with your body.
Because there is nothing more ugly than a woman who marches on the heel with the heavy gait of the soldier with low shoulders and an eye on the ground. When you want to stay on your heels, self-esteem is already conquered, you can allow yourself to play the game you please

This of course applies to everybody: for a man wearing some dress shoes can give self confidence before a job interview for example, or wearing comfortable shoes can make us face a difficult task with more grit.

Our clothes and our shoes are our identity.

So buy shoes carefully, choose well and never give up quality! Your shoes ... they whisper.