Shoes with discounted price

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Shoes with discounted price

In Valentina shoe shop in Florence, you always find a special occasion. A guide to buying shoes at the best possible price.

In our shop in Florence or online you will always find the best prices. Whether they are full price shoes or with deduced price.

We have a wide range of shoes for men and women with discounted prices that you can find in our OUTLET section. Outlet shoes are shoes from past collections. This does not mean that they are less beautiful or the quality is worse. You can find excellent opportunities, of excellent quality shoes at a discounted price.

Outlet in the shop in Florence: in our store you will always find a corner of women's shoes and one of men's shoes all year round, at a special price. Shoes from the previous season that are offered at a very special price.

Online outlet: find both winter and summer shoes from last season. They are organized in men a women section and then in summer and winter collection. Many shoe sizes are missing or have few color variations, but nevertheless you might find the opportunity of the shoe that's right for you!

Winter sales and summer sales

We have saeson sales every year. The start and end dates of the sales are decided at national and regional level. Usually the winter sales of shoes start around Befana (January 6th) and the summer sales start on the second week of July. During sales we offer discount on all the shoes and items we have in store. Discounts can range from 10% up to 50%. The advantage of buying on sale is that you can still find shoes from the current season but already at a very low price. Since the shoes on sale sell very quickly, it is easy to not find your desired size or color. It is therefore always advisable to buy at the beginning of the sales, to have he widest selection possible.

In Valentina Calzature store you will find excellent prices even during the season, then at the time of the sales they will be further reduced, offering really juicy and unmissable opportunities.

Promotions: during the year, you can find various promotions on our shoes, belts and accessories. The most famous promotion is perhaps Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving (which is the Thursday of the last week of November). During Black Friday, which now also lasts a whole week, there are many offers and promotions at the discretion of the store. The difference with the sales is that it is not everything is with discount, but there is a promotion of some shoes or items. This is also an excellent opportunity to buy shoes with a discounted price.

During the year we have also other promotions, totally at our discretion. For these it is advisable to subscribe to our newsletter, in which we always notify you of some shoes that are at a discount.


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We wish you a happy shopping!