Women spell trouble

Maybe I am off topic with this post. I have just finished reading a book, Lisa Taddeo, Three Women, a brilliant narration about a gender disparity as subtle and pervasive as water.
And what is the connection with the shoe store? No one, except that I'm Valentina.
In the store we see women every day, women who buy shoes, customers, friends, acquaintances, tourists, passing through and returning. Alone, in a group, in pairs. We work with the female universe and for us women do not certainly spell trouble. They are just half the population of the planet. Not a rib.
Our store is not trendy, it does not have modern white minimalist furniture or vintage shabby style as per last must have fashion trend. It doesn't have the “right” lights, dictated by marketers. It has no famous 4-digit price shoe brands. It has no prominent, artistic and beautiful shop windows where you can see everything but shoes.
It is a shop born and furnished by my father in Florence in 1984 and has it has remained so. We could define it as "worn", but I find that the atmosphere is authentic, of almost 40 years ago it was created and designed for the women who pass by us every day. The beautiful and comfortable green sofa has welcomed thousands of women who sat down to try on shoes, boots and sandals, to chat, laugh, joke, but also argue and sometimes even cry.
We have always focused on what is really needed: comfort, good price and quality. Style and assortment. And we have always carefully listened to what women asked. Of course, we also offer the latest trends, we always want to be up to date with fashion, but in fact we follow the needs of Florentine, Tuscan, Italian and foreign women.
The "woman" is not a chimera who blindly follows fashion, glossy instagram influencers. The “woman” is the waitress who needs comfortable black shoes, the hostess who needs a comfortable heel, the manager who wants beautiful but comfortable office shoes, the sportswoman who wants to walk in style but comfortable, the policewoman who wants shoes for a ceremony, elegant but comfortable. An aunt, a grandmother, a mother, a doctor and an Architect. We noticed that all the requests made by all these women had “comfort” as common link.
Our mission is to give comfort, which is often lacking in fashion proposals. We want to run very far from the old Chinese custom of binding the feet of women (girls). Of this custom the stiletto high heel, the pointed top, the various "feminine" shoes are the modern version.
Women are not an object, they must not live as prey to the male gaze. Being woman is not limited to being a mother, a partner or a wife. “Woman” is not a shadowless idea that lives in the mind of the male universe.
I am happy but also troubled that there are so many artistic productions - books, films, exhibitions, etc. - that acting as the canary in the Vonnegut coal mine, are alarm bells about the situation of women: I wonder if we are not going back, to the whoever says that women spell trouble.

Some books I enjoyed

Wild Swans Jung chang Chang, Jung Wild Swans
Lessons in Chemistry Bonnie Garmus Garmus, Bonnie Lessons in Chemistry
Three Women Lisa Taddeo Taddeo, Lisa Three Women
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