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Laura Vita, whose name recalls the joy of living, creates lively, particular and very bright women's shoes.

It is a modern fashion footwear brand that combines historical models together with a very colorful and vivid style and makes them wearable today.

French women's shoe company, for an international and urban fashion.

Laura Vita's keywords are creativity, freedom and comfort. Laura Vita speaks of an active and free woman, who goes beyond standardized canons.

Laura Vita shoes are beautiful, different and comfortable. You recognize them immediately for their style, their colors and their patterns. Each shoe stands out and it is a symbol of Laura joy and will to live, Vita. Let yourself be tempted by the eclectic genre, sometimes a bit strange and even romantic: why not!

Laura Vita shoes speak for themselves, and they are made with the highest quality leather and innovative materials. Innovation is another feature of Laura Vita shoes.

Keeping up with the times, this company also tries to limit production leftovers as much as possible and it even happen to use some leftovers of leathers and materials for unique pieces.

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